Go-to Inspiration or Go to Inspiration, Whichever


It is important to go after things that inspire you. I mean, yeah, as a creator, there are some days when inspiration can’t get its fingers into your hair, and you still have to get work done. Keep a running list of stuff you love/find inspirational and return to it on days like that.

So, this morning, I was feeling grouchypants and annoyed and shaking my head at my husband for not helping with his helpfulness (bless his heart). I decided that I was going to seek out something to inspire me. I sat down at the lappy and started looking through stuff from an old tumblr I had.

It made me think – you know, keeping a tumblr or blog of things that inspire you is a good idea. You’re human. You’re going to have days that just feel off. Instead of trying to pretend it doesn’t happen, or won’t happen in the future, just embrace it.

Here are 3 things that made my heart more full this morning.

1. A quote from John O’Callaghan: “It’s okay to do things the way you want. There is no map to life, no blueprint to survival. You can create your world day by day if you have a clear vision and an unwillingness to give up.”

2. A sweet, mushy, lovey moment from Inuyasha. Eeps!

3. An episode of Writing Excuses – How Context Shapes Plot Twists

So now I’m going to take my kiddo for a walk and keep working on digging out of this funky mood. I’ve got a writing session scheduled tonight and I have some planning to do.

Enjoy your go-to inspiration. Or go find some new inspiration today.

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